Who's Cam?


By day, you may know him as the guy who runs the General Store in Lakeport. By night, he can usually be found in the kitchen. Cam's been making pizza for as long as he can remember;  it's the first thing he learned how to cook, and he's experimented with toppings and crusts ever since. 

In recent months, Cam started sharing his pizza with neighbours, who loved it so much that they requested weekly orders. This led to more weekly requests from friends. To reach a broader audience, he used the Colborne Ontario Facebook Group--which filled capacity in two hours thanks to our supportive community! As weekly orders are already being fulfilled anyway, it was an easy decision to share with more people in the area, and Cam has been so appreciative of the positive feedback.

Always using the highest-quality ingredients, Cam's Pizzas are handcrafted with passion and love, fired at 500 degrees in a cast iron pizza pan, and finished just right; delivering authentic flavour and a perfect crust every time.